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Visiting loved ones in the US? Are you planning to visit places in the USA? The US B2 visa is great for transient voyagers visiting the US for non-business purposes. V2 Visa Consultancy has helped a huge number of individuals effectively apply for Visas across the World. Our top to bottom information on the US visa measure makes us the most ideal alternative for you to record your US B2 Visa application.

The B-2 visa is a non-foreigner US visa. The visa allows people to enter the US for a brief period either for the travel industry, amusement, or for family visits.

B-visa holders can participate in the accompanying exercises when they are in the US:

  • Go to the country on a vacation
  • Visit the different places in the country
  • Visit their companions or family
  • Participate in get-togethers led by associations
  • Visit the country for clinical treatment
  • Take part in sports or music occasions
  • Take part in momentary courses
  • The US B2 visa is the most ideal way for transient guests to visit the US. It is normally given for a time of a half year. Sometimes, it is given as a numerous section visa for a time of as long as 10 years. Key subtleties of the B2 visa are:
  • You should have the option to convince US consular authorities at a US Embassy/Consulate that they are not visiting the country with a goal to turn into a foreigner of that country
  • You should show reasons and proof that you would get back to your nation of origin
  • You should book arrangements for giving your biometrics (finger sweep) and visa meet
  • Kids under 14 years and grown-ups over 80 years are not needed to visit the Consulate/Embassy for a meeting and can present the reports at the visa application focus
  • Individuals who previously had a US Visit Visa and presently applying for reestablishment can get the visa recharged by booking the visa arrangement at visa application focus and presenting the archives to face to face
  • Commonly the visa is handled within 2-3 days and your identification can either be gathered from the VAC community or couriered to you.
  • The required documents for B2 visa are:
  • Your identification
  • Verification of assets
  • Letters explaining the purpose of visiting the US
  • Satisfactory protection inclusion
  • Subtleties of who you are remaining with and where
  • Air tickets
  • Proof that you will get back to your nation of origin
  • Monetary reports
  • Protection and other supporting reports
  • Present the Form DS-160
  • Pay the visa charges
  • Timetable the traveler visa meet at the US international safe haven or office
  • Complete the B-2 visa record document
  • Go to the visa meet

In the event that you have applied for the US traveler visa, you will be needed to go to a visa meeting where you will be posed inquiries about the motivation behind your outing and your itinerary items.

Getting ready for the visa meet

Timetable arrangement for your visa to meet in the nation where you dwell: While your meeting might be planned at any U.S. Government office or Consulate, it very well might be harder to get a visa outside the nation where you reside for all time.) Search for your nation of home at to discover the closest international safe haven or office — and its contact subtleties.

Beware of the stand-by time: Understand that stand-by times contrast as indicated by the setting, visa classification, and even season, which is the reason applying early is significant.

Pay the visa application charge which is non-refundable

Accumulate the necessary reports: These include:
  • Identification legitimate a half year after your planned takeoff from the US
  • Ensure you have DS-160 affirmation page for non-foreigner visa application
  • Receipt of Transaction Fee
  • One printed photograph that fulfills guest visa necessities
  • Get ready for the meeting by practicing responses to for oftentimes posed inquiries

Visa interviews are for the most part expected of explorers between the ages of 14-79, Typically, interviews are not expected of candidates 13 years old and more youthful or 80 years old and more seasoned—through consular officials can decide to meet any visa candidate, paying little heed to age.


You may be making a trip to a location however you need to fundamentally stop for a delay inside the United States. This implies I may travel inside the US. For this, you will require the C1 visa or the Transit Visa for the USA.

A US Transit Visa allows you to enter the US and stay for a delay. In the meaning when its time to take your transition flight, you need to leave the US soil.

The US government issues C1 visas for quick and nonstop travel through the country. This implies that if travel to your last location requires a delay in the US and you will be permitted to stop in the US yet will have no different advantages.

The Transit visa permits you to remain in the US just for the endorsed time since this isn't a visa for the travel industry or business.

Ordinarily, the visa is handled within 5 days. Preparing times for any US visa relies upon the responsibility of the US Embassy from where you are applying. In case there are more applications, it will take a more drawn-out time. Since the C1 visa has a more limited length, its preparation time will be quicker contrasted with different visas.

Records Required For US C1 Transit Visa

  • Finished DS-160 application structure.
  • Your identification with no less than one clear page to have the option to append a visa
  • One photo :Evidence of having paid travel visa expenses.
  • Online media subtleties. :Evidence that you are permitted to enter the nation of your last location.
  • Ticket or agenda to your last location.
  • Letter expressing the reason for your visit to your last location.
  • Confirmation of having assets to cover your costs during your travel.
  • Verification that you will get back to your home or one more nation after your visit to the US.
  • Verification of health care coverage.


  • Present the Form DS-160
  • Pay the visa expenses
  • Timetable the travel visa meet at the US international safe haven or office
  • Present the necessary archives
  • Go to the visa meet
What Are the Restrictions of the C1 Visa?
  • C1 visa doesn't allow you to stay in the US and you need to follow certain restraints.
  • Travel or study in the US.
  • Find work in the US.
  • Broaden the C1 visa.
  • Change or change the situation with the C1 visa.
  • Apply for a Green Card with a C1 visa.
  • Bring wards with just one travel visa.
  • Wards can't travel, work, or study in the US on the C1 visa
How Long Can I Stay in the US with a C1 Visa?

Since traveling is for a brief span, the legitimacy of the C1 visa is short. The visa is legitimate for a time of a limit of 29 days or until the date of takeoff from the US on your ticket, whichever is prior.


D visa or Crewmember visa is one of the non-worker visas given by the U.S government. This visa is explicitly for those individuals who work on business ocean vessels or worldwide carriers that go through the U.S. For these ocean vessels and aircraft to run typical activities, their group should be permitted to go through the U.S and make shortstops.

With the D visa, the group of individuals can go through to the U.S and stay in the country for a limit of 29 days.

The D visa permits the teams to go through the U.S and stay for a limit of 29 days. Holders of the D visa can leave the dock or air terminal for this span yet should likewise leave the country within 29 days. The D visa must be utilized to go through the U.S.

The visa handling time can shift between 3 to 5 days or even as long as about fourteen days. Handling times for any U.S visa relies upon the responsibility of the U.S Embassy from where you are applying. In case there are more applications, it will take a more drawn-out time.

Prerequisites To get the D visa

To get the D visa, the individual should be dealing with a vessel or carrier venturing out to the U.S and just going through. The accompanying position positions fit the bill for a D visa:

  • Airline steward or pilot on a business plane
  • Skipper, deckhand, or architect on an ocean vessel
  • Lifeguard, server, cook, or other supporting staff on voyage ships
  • Learner on board of a preparation vessel

People who play out the accompanying obligations can't have any significant bearing for a D visa:

  • Dry harbor obligations like fixes while the boat is moored on a U.S port
  • Inhabitants of a fishing vessel that has a working base or homeport in the U.S
  • Substitute drifting official
  • Laborers on a personal ship which will be moored in the U.S for over 29 days
  • Crewmembers on a vessel going to the Outer Continental Shelf
  • Archives needed for U.S D visa
  • Finished DS-160 application structure.
  • Your identification with somewhere around one clear page to have the option to attach a visa.
  • One photo satisfying the prerequisites set by the U.S specialists.
  • Confirmation of having paid travel visa charges.
  • Meeting affirmation page and its duplicate
  • Letter depicting the motivation behind your outing from your organization or business
  • Confirmation of binds to your nation of origin, for example, family records, work agreement, rent, or property deed, which demonstrate you don't plan to remain in the U.S for over 29 days
  • Letter from your boss with these subtleties:
  • Name of the vessel
  • The timeframe you will be in the U.S.
  • Date and port of passage
  • Date and port of exit
  • Your work position with the depiction of obligations
  • Your compensation while in the U.S.
  • Duplicates of boss work records from your boss
  • The Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC)
  • Travel approval from your organization
  • Authentications and confirmations checking your capabilities
  • Criminal records or letters from specialists expressing that you don't have earlier feelings
  • Present the Form DS-160
  • Pay the visa charges
  • Present the necessary records
  • Go to the visa meet