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study visa for canada

The US H1B Visa is one of the most well-known approaches to work in the US. A visa should be applied for by a business for an expert worker. Since the visa is allowed to subject matter experts, regularly candidates hold no less than a Bachelor's certification and are from fields like IT, finance, engineering, medication, science, and so forth V2 Visa Consultancy assists bosses with petitioning for H1B petitions for their workers. We likewise help workers from across the world get recruited by organizations prone to support them for an H1B visa.


The H1B Visa is one of the most cutthroat visas to apply for. Due to there being a yearly visa cap, there is a colossal interest from US businesses applying for this visa. Also, since it is a course to a Green Card, it is probably the best visa to apply to work in the US.

Under the H1B, fruitful candidates can:
  • Live and work in the US
  • Expand the stay in the US
  • Change managers during H-1B status
  • Stay with their reliant companion and kids (matured under 21) in the US
Archives REQUIRED:
  • The H1B is a point-based visa framework and you need at least 12 focuses for your application to be surveyed. You should have:
  • A Bachelors or Masters certification from the US (or an identical in your country) ,Or then again 12 years of work insight .Or then again a blend of training and work insight
You are granted focuses as follows:
  • 3 focuses for each 1 year of school examines
  • When you score at least 12 focuses, your H1B request would then be able to be ready.
H1B visa cost:

Standard H1B Filing Fee is right now – $460.The standard H1B documenting charge is for the 1-129 appeal.

H1B visa base recording expense is set to increment by 21% from USD 460 to $555. The proposed expense increment will be compelling from October second, 2020.

The expense can either be paid electronically as a bank move or in real money at a predetermined bank that has branches across India. Then, make a profile on the US Visa Service site and select the booked arrangement choice to guarantee the right sum is paid and the arrangement is planned for a convenient way.

On the installment affirmation screen, you will be given installment choices and further subtleties of how to start the installment. The expense is useful for a year from the date of the installment. You should take an arrangement within one year for your visa meet.


An H4 visa is a non-worker subordinate visa. The visa doesn't give you long-lasting residency, however, it gives you the right to live, study, and work in the US.

Who is qualified?
  • A spouse of the H type visa holder
  • Kids younger than 21 whose parent is an H visa holder
  • The legitimacy of the H4 visa
  • The legitimacy of the visa is subject to the visa of the support who is additionally called the key candidate.
  • The visa is normally supported by the life partner or parent having the H-type visa. The H4 visa becomes invalid when the visa of the support terminates.
Advantages of the H4 visa
  • You can get a driver's permit
  • You have freedoms to contemplate in the US
  • You meet all requirements for monetary administrations, for example, banking and an H4 visa credit
  • Work consent for the H4 visa holder
  • The holder of the H4 visa might work low maintenance, full-time, or not in the slightest degree.
  • The H4 visa holder is allowed to begin any type of business.
  • The holder of the H4 visa might keep on being qualified for EAD regardless of whether he doesn't look for work.
  • Records needed for application
  • US visa talk with arrangement letter
  • A substantial visa
  • Duplicate of the essential visa holder's identification
  • Photo of the essential visa holder and candidate together
  • Visa measured photo of the candidate
  • Affirmation page of the internet based DS-160 structure
  • Visa expenses receipt from the pertinent bank
  • A duplicate of the essential visa holder's structure I-797
  • A letter from the essential visa holder's boss expressing the idea of the connection between the essential visa holder and manager
  • Pay hits from the essential visa holder's present work environment
  • Unique marriage testament
  • Unique birth testaments of kids

The L-1A Visa is a US-gave non-settler visa. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issues this visa for unfamiliar chiefs or supervisors being moved to U.S. workplaces of their organization. Worldwide organizations that don't have related workplaces in the U.S. may likewise utilize an L-1A visa to send an administrator or leader to make one there.

The L-1A visa is one of two classifications of work visas in the L-1 visa class. It's the same, the L-1B visa is for staff with cutting-edge abilities who decide to relocate to the U.S. for five years. Upon expiry, the candidate may again apply for the L-1 visa holder status solely after working for the parent, auxiliary, branch, or associate of the association for no less than one year outside the U.S.

L1 Visa Requirements:

There are two primary prerequisites for an L1 visa: boss necessities and representative necessities.

Manager Requirements:

A passing relationship should be framed between the business inside the US and its worldwide branch/auxiliary/associate that utilizes the candidate. This demonstrates that the two associations are here and there tied by their proprietorship or relationship with one another.

Besides, the business should work together in the US and without a doubt another country during the visa holder's visit to the US.

Worker Requirements:

With an L1 visa, the candidate has probably been working for the global business for somewhere around one year in the former three years before they were conceded to the U.S.

This work has probably been in an authoritative, corporate, or specialized subject matter and their planned positions in the U.S. should be inside similar fields.

L1A Visa to Green Card

An L1A visa candidate has a moderately clear method of getting a green card since it falls under an EB-1C Green Card. This doesn't need a PERM Labor Certificate, removing the preparing time by as long as 8 months.

The business simply needs to document an I-140 request to fit the bill for the green card. If the candidate has been acknowledged, he petitions for a status change (Form I-485).


L2 visas are otherwise called L1 subordinate visas. The L2 visa is conceded to the companions and wards of L1 visa holders. An L2 visa is a non-outsider visa.

L1 wards include:
  • Companions of visa holders .
  • Subordinate youngsters younger than 21
L2 visa holders can:
  • Live in the U.S. briefly
  • Concentrate full-time or go to school in the U.S. .
  • Apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to work in the U.S.
  • Change your visa status to another non-settler visa like F1, B1/B2, H1, and L1.
  • Go all through the US on brief worldwide excursions
Records needed for L2 visa application:
  • A finished Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application.
  • Legitispouse identification
  • Identification photograph
  • Unique marriage declaration
  • Unique birth endorsements for every reliant youngster
  • Composed endorsement of the business of the essential L1 visa holder
  • Work check letter from the L1 visa holder's manager
  • L1 holder's Form I-797
  • Visa application expense
  • Visas issuance expense

An R1 visa is for the people who need to work in the United States as strict specialists. It is a momentary visa.

Qualification Conditions
  • Above all else, you should work at low maintenance work in the US, implying that you'll go through somewhere around 20 hours per week at work.
  • Simultaneously, you need to find a new line of work that has to do with your religion. To put it another way, you need to one or the other work in a strict position or be a priest there. This implies you're not going to be fit for R1 Visas if your work is something besides strict.
  • You are additionally entitled on the off chance that you have a real strict magnanimous association and you were an individual from the strict local area before applying for a visa and you went through somewhere around two years in that job before applying for an R1 visa.
  • You can likewise be a specialist for a business that additionally has a strict non-benefit association in the US.
  • You are not qualified in case you won't work in a strict gathering or a congregation or will do nothing identified with their exercises. These visas are especially for strict specialists who have some work nearby and no other person.
  • Being a volunteer additionally will not bring an R1 Visa. You must be a paid laborer else you can't make a difference.
Reports Required
  • A Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) Form
  • A visa legit spouse for movement to the United States with a legitimacy date something like a half year past your planned time of stay.
  • The Visa photograph was taken over the most recent half-year.
  • R2 VISA:

    The R2 visa is a brief US visa that approves an R1 visa holder's spouse and unmarried kid (under 21 years) to enter the US. The holders of R2 status might stay in the country however long the holders of R1 stay in legit spouse status. As such, when the important R-1 individual loses legit spouse status, an individual loses his/her R-2 status.

    R2 visa holders can:
    • Partake in a full-time concentrate on course in the US
    • Travel unreservedly all through the US during the legitimacy of the visa
    • Apply for long-lasting residency status
    • Be that as it may, the R2 visa holder can't work in the US.
    Records Required
    • All records are needed for an R-1 visa.
    • Unique birth declaration for every youngster
    • Marriage enlistment endorsement
    • Duplicate of spouse's visa
    • Evidence of monetary help
    • Duplicate of the agreement between the business and the R1 strict laborer

    The H1B visa requires the greatest of documentation to allow your appeal an opportunity to progress. V2 Visa Consultancy has the information and experience to guarantee your application is intensive and meets all benchmarks. Our groups help with: